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Question Airsoft M14 questions

Hello, i have been looking into a G&G m14 MAX for a few weeks, and from the reviews i have hear it bounces back and fourth and really is hard to make a desicion.

What i am looking for from an M14

Length (Must double as a scopeless sniper *.28/.30*)
Fps (Above 400 is a good average but under 500 *Obvious reasons*)
Realism (the more weight/realism the better)
Ubgradeables (Is optional, i think id stick with an 8.4v / 9.6v battery and most origional parts)
Cost (id like to keep it under $1000 XD)
Semi/Full auto
i am thinking about getting a black one then to paint/ add Camo paint/ghillie stuffs. (like a woodland camo or somthing)

My first thought would have been just to go with a G&G M14 MAX from IA, Buyairsoft, CAS, or somthing. But from the research i have done. Most of you, if not all say Go TM. i have not known TMs to be in canada (Unless you bring them up from the US manually)

i have heard so much stuff between saying the G&GM14 is so good, and others say its pretty bad. makes me wonder, so being new to AEGs i thought i should ask.

One thing i should add as i CANNOT find it ANYWHERE.
although the specs say "14mm Negative thread" can i atach a supressor/adapter for one? because any silencers/supressors i have seen are negative thread.

Also if i have the money would it be worth spending the extra money to get a
G&G M14 EBR MAX instead of a G&G M14MAX?

I have learned its better to ask and get some feed back rather than not ask and get somthing shitty

I havent a clue if this is somewhere else (not that i can find)
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