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I should explain, 220ft distance straight with no more than 5 inch variance. I might fire semi auto, 4 rounds to hit. Don't need to spray.

As per the paint it option, the legal issue is a grey area. The only thing Canadian laws cover in this form is it may not reasonably mistaken for a firearm. Thats pretty much it. So as full black version could be a crime. Depending on who's making the judgement. A water gun painted black could be a fax weapon. So nobody in their reasonable mind would think a see through receiver as being real. The law is really vague when it comes to replica's and airsoft.

I know guys who have fully coloured models and say they never get harassed by police. Keep in mind, they, like myself, play on private land or indoors. So why would a cop bother you? Play with it in your back yard in full view of the street and see if that differs if you have any doubts. LOL I wouldn't recommend it though.
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