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Concern of a Facebook Group

I just came across a facebook group and it raises my concern.

This is what they mentioned in one of their discussions and their first "game"
Mackenzie Wurst
Hey yall if any of u want to get your airsoft on this weekend if the weather is good but for a base time lets just say 1 pm on saturday but time is flexible and and area suggestions? Ihave a few areas we could play in so respond as soon as possible so we can get this bitch going
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Ilya Samutin
If we can get transport I say we go up to the forest way at the top of westwood, where people play paintball. It's much bigger, more open areas, flatter.. etc. Plus there are a lot less people wandering around up there.
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Mackenzie Wurst
(Stoneridge Lane and panorama drive, Coquitlam, British Columbia) this is just down the hill from the area to play in if any are interested
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Mackenzie Wurst
ya but this area is good just for our first game because its not too far and alot of ppl live around there
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Pretty much from what I understand, they're playing in the forest area in the middle of a residential area.... Jeopardizing the Airsoft Community?
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