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Originally Posted by CPT Scott View Post
When it's all about the money. When people feel the need to slander lower cost equipment. I've got a dozen rifles with clear receivers and most are in the 350fps range. So very similar abilities, weapon related but because others use full metal or at least all coloured rifles, they think mine can't cut it. Makes me laugh when this ex military operator creams the guy who claims he's got "professional" training because he took a weekend course and has a $600 gun. Not one of my rifles cost more than $250 and I only paid half price on sale so it was less! LOL

And yes, I've got nice camo, several suits and I look/act the part for serious players. Just have a clear receiver rifle.
I love these stories, but I just wonder. Normally it's either bad player with uber guns or awesome player with low end stuff and it evens out. Then there's the 15 year olds with wal mart guns... but anyways... What happens when those spec ops/ex-military type dudes end up with 2000$ guns :P.
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