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New BDU's


With the 2011 airsoft season almost upon me I feel the need to purchase some new BDU's.

Camoflage patterns that work in my area are:

Marpat (go to camo for most players here)
Multicam (Works when you are in a more arid part of the field I play at)
Cadpat (Works in some of the darker, more vegitated areas)

I currently have a set of Marpat chinese made BDU's. I also have a Cadpat chest rig. The last few games of the previous season I dropped to just 5.11 tan pants, a grey t-shirt and my cadpat rig.

So my question is what are a good brand of BDUs/Chest rigs that is preferably sold in canada. I tried army surplus but there only store is knackered.

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