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In terms of equipment and gear, i can give you some advice, ive helped out alot in Hong Kong outdoor and indoor airsoft fields before and all the gear they provide you are cheap but durable, majority of the places offer JG G36C for rent. they got tons of them. because probably they buy in bulk and a JG 36c is about 50 CND in hong kong so id say 100 bucks here? probs not since everything is over inflated here but lets say you spend 2000 on 20 of them, you need insane maintenance on them even though the maintenance might not cost much money it will cost lots of time for you to fix.

gear wise, they give you cheap mesh masks that smell like crap but same goes for all paintball places in my opinion, also they provide cheap woodland BDU for you to wear, you can get BDU cheap from China for low costs especailly if you buy in bulk. you wont need to spend more than 2000 on like 50 uniforms.

them main concern as stated by Gunman is that people dont give a shit about your guns, alot of guns are beat up with bits falling off. Some of the Rental G36c that i stated above dont have charging handles. the hop up is adjusted before given to the players so they dont fuck around with them.

Another thing is that if you open these places you probably need at least one or two staff members to help you, one is to have a instructional session for 10 minutes to explain rules and safety of airsoft. it is crucial that waivers are signed as well and no offense but since you are out in the middle of nowhere ill expect kids to be less disciplined than kids out in a big city. even so back in hong kong they do let underaged kids play but parent must be playing and yes a PARENT or someone blood related. like a brother or sister no cousins or distant relatives.

Im just rambling but take heed to my advice!!

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