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Originally Posted by scurvythepirate View Post
First of all ARES and STAR are not chinese, from what i've gathered its made in HK, and even if they were chinese, they have shown through their respective products that they are quality, especially ARES.
Hong Kong IS Chinese

And have you ever been in an ARES G36 or STAR M4? They're poorly engineered garbage.

Tokyo marui is the best way to go bar none. As long as it's stock it'll last as long as you have the gun. Your guaranteed internal and external compatability unlike any other Chinese brand. And every tokyo marui gun is put up to WAY better quality control so there's no chance of getting a lemon.

I sold a SEVEN YEAR OLD marui G3, fully upgraded, and a metal body for $700, and it was worth every penny. It was accurate as a laser out to 140feet, after 7 years of constant gaming. How many people can say that about a Chinese clone?

You COULD buy a chinese clone, but I haven't seen a single person hang onto a clone for more than 2 years, and sometimes it breaks beyond the point of fixing it. When you buy a $200 gun and it breaks down, your repair bill can sometimes be worth more than the gun.

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