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Originally Posted by Boyso View Post
I've been using a plastic one for a year now, but how did you guys broke it? By removing it from the can with an angle, or simply by dropping it?
My red plastic AI, the probe just snapped in half while loading; the tan AI, the tip of the probe got chipped (not sure how it happened, only noticed after the fact -- but it wasn't bumped or dropped or anything) and at first wasn't sealing well with the fill valve, and gradually a crack started to appear long the length of the probe (which leaked gas) and got worse until it finally leaked so much I think more gas was escaping than going into the mags.

For people who only load a couple of GBB mags (i.e, most people) I think the plastic one is fine, but when loading stuff with larger reservoirs (like some gas shotguns or 40mm grenades etc) or large amounts of mags, I think that's what killed mine: if i'm loading 40mm shells (7+) or in a pistol/shotgun game (like at the Mill) where I'm loading 7x 1911 mags plus my shotgun which has a pretty big reservoir, there's a considerable amount of frost which has formed on the adapter by the time I'm done -- and this is in summer heat.
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