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ARES and Vega Force Company (AKA VFC) are great brands.

As for CyberGun, they rebrand cheaper china clones and are generally pieces of shit (AFAIK I've heard they do lower end CYMA's and other off/less known brands). If you have the money obviously buy quality first time around but if you're on a bit of a budget CYMA, JG and such are alright, not the greatest but as a stepping stone not that bad either.

I guess you could think of it like a car. You could get a used "beater" as a first car but you'll grow out of it quickly or you could buy a newer more reliable car right off the bat (if you have the budget).

I honestly think however you're better off waiting until your AV status goes through and at least seeing what else is available to you but if you're a bit impatient then both ARES and VFC make great guns.
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