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First Gun Question

I recently got in contact with a local AV rep down in Barrie a few days ago and and currently waiting for my account to be updated. My question is, i'm also looking into getting my first AEG and I'm dead set on getting an M4. I was wondering if it would be smarter to wait to get AV'd and buy one off of the classifieds or goto one of the retailers and buy one. My main concern with the retailers, after looking at all of them that I could drive to, is that alot of the brands I dont know, or have really heard of like Ares, CyberGun, Vega Force and the retailers that do sell G&P, TM, CA dont sell M4s (at least from what I see on their site) so I was just wondering, for those people who can get onto the classifieds could let me know if I would have more luck there when my account gets updated.

Thank You.
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