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One thing I found to be very effective : you know that miracle protein based paste for starving people in Africa and elsewhere (that I weirdly can't find here)?
Do some exercise and eat that stuff. It is designed to restore muscle tone and of course brings carbohydrates but while making exercise it is extremelly effective.
By exercise I mean you have too run and do something, not just staying there spraying. Even better if you have a "propper" load out. I used to have german and multicam version in France about 15kg (suck it Imperials ), now with GBBR once my PC will be be propperly loaded it will easily be 20kg.

Record after a 24 hours milsim (non stop game) : about 1.2kg of extra body mass. And given how easy push ups and other exercise were afterwards it was not fat.

Plus you help support a useful product for once (says the game who makes video games).
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