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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
No, putting the oil in the adapter atomizes the oil into the propane, and will distribute it everywhere the gas goes in your gun.
Ive heard that term being used before re: GBBs, but to be honest, proper atomization of oil as a lubricant requires a lot more than the simple process of adding 5 drops of oil into the top of the propane tank every 8 mag refils or whatever AI reccomend.

For what we need it to do, you're just as well off spraying silicone directly on the O-rings themselves, where possible and in the gas reservoir of the mag.

In reality, atomization is more suited to high speed bearings where lubrication on a conventional basis, isnt really suitable.

Im not saying it doesnt work or is unsuitable, but its easier to give the necessary parts a good dose less often, than every where a smaller dose more often.

But each to their own.

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