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I've already expressed my opinions about the Ares G36. If you want an AEG G36, that's the one I would buy.

The AK74 is a different animal all together. I have a CYMA AKS-74M (full length AK74, with a folding metal stock). I love this gun, and surely it's my favorite. It hits hard, has tremendous range, and is easy to live with. I've slayed a lot of bodies with my AK.

As I understand it, my CYMA is pretty much the same as the D-Boys.

The downside to these guns is some of the external parts are made of cheap and fragile pot metal. It's a good thing high quality Tokyo Marui parts fit my CYMA. Each time something has broken, I've replaced it with a TM part. My gun is now much better than when I first got it, but getting it to this point was not cheap. I would've been better off to buy a Marui or a VFC in the first place.

It's a tough message for new airsofters, but spending money on high quality guns is always better than buying a low-end gun and upgrading its parts as they break. Plus there'd be much less down time.
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