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What kind of stupid idiotic, fail at sarcasm statement is that? Do you think that the guards at airports, scanner operators, and luggage checkers missed the segment on what is a part of a gun? Sure the receiver is obvious, but my god, a magazine may look like something else? Right, I'm sure next you'll say they may mistake the flashider for a lipsil tube...

Anyone in the security checking business knows or is shown what parts of a gun are, they arent just shown what a full gun looks like, they are shown what it looks like disassembled.

In other words, no, do not attempt to disassemble and walk casually through customs. Unless you want to feel what handcuffs are and meet a rubber glove in the back room.
Relax Renegade. This is a discussion and the comment was that it may work due to volume and depending on the level of training of the screener of course. So please hold off on the name calling.
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