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Originally Posted by quicksilver1024 View Post
Could I safely bring my gun to another country if I disassemble it and put multiple parts in three separate luggages?

I figure the parts won't look very suspicious by themselves.

The only thing I worry about is the magazines and the trigger housing. This is a GAS-powered rifle by the way.

What do you think? :cheers:
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1. There's already a thread on all this.

2. You are taught since day ONE (1) of airsoft to treat it like a real firearm, why pray tell, would you expect ANYONE else to believe that its anything else?

3. The parts will look VERY suspicious, more than anything airport X-ray staff are trained to check for anything that looks even remotely like a firearm or its respective parts, even if its in 3 parts or three seperate pieces of luggage. This is especially bad since at that point, when found out, you REALLY have zero defense to the "intent to smuggle" part.

4. Know your destinations laws, what might be a slap on the wrist and a fine for trying to bring in airsoft in one country, could mean imprisonment in the other.

5. Mags have to be fully depressurized (as in empty) before you put it on an aircraft, NO PILOT wants an alarm in his aircraft saying that there has been a rapid decompression ANYWHERE in his airplane. Especially when he has over a 100 lives to worry about on board.

PS. By trigger housing, if you mean the lower receiver, hoo boy, you're gonna have fun with that one, trust me. If it was THAT easy to bring airsoft guns across on airplanes, EVERYBODY would be doing it. Go legit, save yourself the hassle and save everyone the hassle of having to read an entire thread on "bad things happened at the airport", which will further lead to another black eye for our sport.

Here's hoping I DON'T see you in the news....
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