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Originally Posted by [NBK]Shadow View Post
ritz i know there is a field list, i was asking people what field they like the best.

Illusion: Just a buddys backyard, he has a rather big one, just on the out skirts of Toronto, and just tactical entries and such, random games, just trying to get our team more unified.

Jakal: I just might, depending if work calls me in again, they tend to do that on the weekend, but yeah ill try and reach out. Thanks man.
By outskirts of Toronto, do you mean Mississauga, Scarborough, Markham? Cause backyard battles are really really frowned upon here due to the bad publicity that eventually tends to lead from them.

The field list is basically just what you are asking about, hence why you were referred to it. It is the list of fields that players actively play at and that allow airsoft to be played at them.
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