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Right then, I had the same dilemma as you. I'm from here originally, but moved to the states for 12 years then moved back. Airsofted there for 5 years and had to renew up here.

Basically, AVing is being Age Verified, since airsoft is on a delicate scale here in Canada, we heavily enforce being 18+ in order to airsoft in our community. So, you go to another section of our forum titled "AV reps," you private message them, setup a meet and greet, show some ID, like a driver's license, passport etc showing that you are indeed 18 and over.

Once you are Age Verified, you will have access to the magical classifieds we have here, where you can buy guns pre-upgraded for about th same price you can buy them stock.

Unfortunately for those of us who are used to airsofting in the States, the price here is often twice if not thrice the price of an airsoft gun in the United States. Reason being all the hassle the retailers on here go through in order to get said guns into Canada.

However, an upside to airsofting here is that the red/orange tip is not needed here since that's not a law here like it is State-side. Also, GBBRs such as the Wetti M4, and so many more are available here as opposed to the USA.

Well that's my input, cheers and have fun. Only advice, do research before asking any questions, both search bars in the top right corner of the webpage are very helpful.
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