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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Lol, enjoy the delayed invoice for brokerage fees.


XpressPost is a guaranteed service. Get your postage back. I just got a cheque for a late package.
Oh the Coach rep took care of that ahead of time. Betty Bad Vibez gets what she wants because she earns it...

Oh I'm going to be nice for now but I will flip if I miss that bloody package today because I'm home. Any ideas to the latest times they deliver parcels till? I trust the sender, he's a great guy on here.

Bloody heck, I really wish it was not like this, I really don't understand how CP keeps going. Heavily doubt they're 6 Sigma or anything standard wise trained because they claim a 5% error rate but this and other sites that I'm a member of show an error margin higher than 5%.
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