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Originally Posted by Morfiuss View Post
I have multiple M4's. They are all rear wired but would love to have some variety in stock selection.

I have never seen the ready mag solution. That sounds interesting.

I also like the lipo solution in buffer tube but not sure about lipo yet. Heard slot of crazy stories on lipo and worried that it will wear the internals quicker.
It obviously works best on AR's where there is a bolt catch (durr)and costs a few bucks as you need a ready mag system and a spare mag. You front wire the gun and remove the bolt catch. Run the wires through the small whole where the bolt catch was into a hollowed out magazine with a battery in it. With that system you can easily remove from and rear assemblies and the weight from the battery is it the middle of the gun. And changing batteries is as easly as changing mags.
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