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I prefer the rear wiring option, I had a PEQ on the front and used bullet connectors on some Deans 16 gauge wire which made it quite easy to disassemble, but there's nothing like rear wiring if you want to do regular maintenance on the internals; switch uppers; or even just take it apart for the hell of it.

Front wiring limits what you can have for handguards specifically the free float variety, unless you want to go with a battery box of some sort which adds a bit more to the weight and some extra bulk on the front.

After moving to a LiPo in the buffer tube I have reduced the weight of my AEG by 380 grams and the weight is now distributed more evenly. I do lose out a bit on the capacity front as my LiPo's are only 1000mAh although that is plenty if you have a MOSFET and practice trigger control. As well I always bring at least two fully charged batteries, which no matter where you put the battery you should do the same.

Rear wiring into a buffer tube still gives you plenty of options for stocks, if you want to wire the battery into the stock there are not as many options but a few styles are available.

Regardless of what you choose use good quality materials and it will kick ass!
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