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Originally Posted by AXe Hound View Post
I wish I had the skills to do any gear box work. I once tried to take apart a V3 to replace some parts and faild.
So I paid a gun tech to put it back together for me. Then I tried again to see if I was able to do it and failed again so I smashed it with a hammer,and that was the last time I ever attempted to open a gear box lol.

I need some one to site down and teach me, that's the only way I will learn the ways of the force.

So good for you being able to do it on the first attempt
using just the internet and you own knowledge
Me SMASH. lol
All you need to work on anything mechanical is as follows.

The right tool
Some reference
Positive attitude

You need to attack the job with the right attitude. Everything can be fixed. Everyone has to start somewhere and experience will come with time. Learn from the mistakes. Hell, I had stripped screw holes (Fixed it with bigger screw and tap), Pistol grip did not fit (use a wood chisel and carve it down to size), Crack receiver (JB weld sand and paint).

All the issues and fixes have provided me with alot of confidence and satisfaction.

I hope that you will have better success next time. Good luck.
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