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Originally Posted by teriases View Post
I got a new VFC M4 today from a local retailer, and I just want to let everyone know I finally had the courage(and the time) to take my BRAND NEW AEG completely apart today...

I got to admit, few have the courage to strip their new gun apart. Especially for someone who has NEVER taken any AEG apart in their life. But I gathered all my technical experiences, and manage to come out alright. It was really draining mentally, learning and focusing for 5 hrs. But it was worth it!

Did TONS of research online this afternoon and I managed to change the spring on my AEG! I was manage to strip the entire rifle apart watching a video on Youtube.

Good news was, I opened the gearbox without it exploding. Its a V2 box. Only thing that came off was the trigger. But I manage to fit it back in and I didn't lose the little trigger spring.

I put everything back together without any issues. I plugged in new batteries I got today, and tested it. NOTHING! *GASP!* :O I panic. Hooked my batteries to the charger and crossed my fingers. I hope I didn't mess up putting anything back wrong!

Now the batteries are charged, I plugged it in... MAGIC! It's alive! :O *high fives everyone I meet* Now I have to test it more to make sure everything is working properly. I'm so glad I managed to do this, I thought I come on to share with you all lol...

SO - total damage to my rifle so far from my noobish upgrading trek :

- I punched a small hole in the receiver. I thought it was were the holding pin for the box was, but it wasn't. Turns out to be a fake pin... lol...

Not bad for a first timer... Won't you all agree? :P Now time to get some shut eye... Good night everyone!

Videos that helped me :

Rifle Stripping :
YouTube - [AIRSOFT] VFC/G&G/CA M4-series Disassembly (wired to the back)
(but this person took out the mechbox holding ping wrong... Almost cost me more damage but I managed to figure it out in the end)

Mechbox Stripping :
YouTube - Jag Precision Reviews - The VegaForceCompany M4 E-Series
(Great video showing details of the mechbox, this video saved me!)
Good job teriases. I took all three of my riffle apart for the first time a few months ago to replace the M140 springs with some M120. It was fun and frustrating at the same time. My laptop and youtube was by my side the whole night. Felt great once everything with back together and working.
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