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I tend to wear heavier kit in CQBs... last time I weighted just my gear and gun before the game (with 3L Camelbak filled, 8 metal mags loaded) and if I remember correctly it summed up to about 53 pounds... and I only had fake plates (I'm planning on buying training plates, which weight as much as the real thing, before the summer).

As it's close to my body, I don't feel it that much when running (as opposed to wearing a 55lbs backpack) so it's not much of an issue. But then I'm young, I'm not too sure it'll be the same in 30 years XD

So... yeah, depends on the gear. I know some people who play with no LBE at all, just 3 highcaps in their pockets. I'm pretty sure they sweat much less...

Considering my two main hobbies (besides chairsofting) are airsoft and hiking, I train with these activities in mind... it happened a few times that I wore my PACA with plates filled with sand (under a sweater of course) and a 30lbs backpack when doing my morning 5km run. That helps a bit, cause just going to a few games definitely wouldn't be enough to stay in shape.

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