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So I bought some blank 5.56 rnds on links from another member here. Shipped from TO on Feb 28. with Tracking

Supposed to be with me my Mar 4
Item arrives in WPG Mar 11
Out for Delivery on Mar 14

Still have not gotten it...... still out for delivery...
Sill.. Yep


Called CP... wont deal with me only the sender
FU I say FU

so contact sender get name etc.
call back say I'm them file complaint and etc
tell them to deal with receiver now they say OK
CP calls me a day later

"DUH do you have your package... " F... No....
Are you sure... WTF... am I sure F.... Yes....

Duh whats in the package.... Prop Rounds... they freak BULLETS...

NO I say Deactivated non firing bullets (PROPS) I say..
spend half an hour explaining that (DUMB F...ERS..)

Still no package....

Apparently Shipper sent Email...

F... Am I Pissed

If I ever see any A.. Hole from CP I will pour cement down their throat and toss em in the river Stupid Bastards

Moral is

if you send it with CP... MAKE SURE someone has to Sign for it.. this way they CANT leave it at the door....

even that may not help
make sure to Declare well over what the value is... Min is 100.00 for Tracked, signed for packages...

when I buy shit from now on It will have to be signed for and state the full value x10 this way if those shit eaters at CP loose my property at least I can get some cash from them

I hate CP.... They Suck.....

Flog, Draw, Quarter, all of em.....

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