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Age Verification Issue

So, before anybody tears my face off, I've sent a PM to BloodSport, explaining the current situation.

I'm a member of a small group of airsofters who participate in the Sault Ste Marie Area. We do not have anybody in our city (or heck, our region- the closest perhaps Sudbury? Thunder bay?) I'd love to get age verified (as well as get the guys I play with verified as well)

I'd like to re-introduce myself to the community. When I joined, years ago- I was underage. And a bit of a goof- but we're all like that for at least a couple years. I'm not anymore (clearly).

So, I've got a couple of issues- I'd love to have my account name changed(I'm aware of how to do such a thing, and I'm writing a PM as you're probably reading this)- and I'm having issues posting within the other forums.

There's a lot of documentation to go through on this website- so I wasn't sure if it was due to previous issues with myself and conflicts with the moderation staff, or it was due to my newbie or unverified status.
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