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I ordered a stock once from HK, got nabbed at customs. After a few weeks I call Post Canada for an explanation and they basically told me the only way to get an update was to deal straight with the CBSA. Ok, I ask for a number and they basically told me they didn't take calls. It took me all of 10 seconds on Google to find it, so at least I got to make fun of the CP employee before hanging up.


After some detective work and a lot of going to and forth between CP and the CBSA I figure out that the package was lost/destroyed/stolen about when the package was transfered between CP or whoever handles the unloading of the mail at the docks and the CBSA.


It even took more call to sort through some bullshit about getting the info to make a claim in HK. Both parties were complete dicks about accepting responsibility and refused to assist the retailer. I don't like EB much for various reasons, but to their credit they took the hit and gave me a reimbursement since I had to source the item locally.

Now the really fucked up part is that many, many months later, I get a package at the office. Yeah, the stock. The box was beat to shit and almost had more tape than cardboard on it at that point. No evidence of CBSA inspection. Oh, and it was supposed to be delivered at my parent's house since I was still living there at the time I made the order.

Bricks were shat.

So what I understand of the situation is that the package spent it's first months in Canada lost in a closet or something, only to be found like 3 months later, processed and cleared then sent on it's way. The tracking confirms this, but that was still months ago. Also, the whole farking office deal.

The next update comes around 5 months later, where it was processed, sent out for delivery, failed delivery, sent out for delivery, failed delivery, held, transfered to the CP office near my own office, sent out, signed for by the receptionist and indicated as delivered to a befuddled recipient.

We are slowly moving into bat country at this point. From my understanding, since the item was marked as sent out from the west coast CBSA office but not marked as processed until much later, the chain of custody indicates that the CBSA did their job, at least to a certain extent, and delivered the item. So what I figure is that the box was used as a paper weight or something for a season or two at my then local post office. At some point, someone must have tripped on it or something, flipping it over and finally revealing it's destination label or whatever. Realizing that the package shaped object was in fact a package, they leaped into action and tried to deliver it two times before the transfer order I placed the same week kicked in. Since the mailman didn't leave the delivery notices as usual, I was completely oblivious to the fact that the box still existed.

Since making the order, I had moved out of my parent's house and because the postal logistics at my apartment were spotty, instead of setting my mail forward to my new address I made the destination my office. Apart from web orders, I received almost no mail. Most of my bills are electronic. I didn't check my mail all summer and didn't miss anything important. To this day, I probably take a peak at my box perhaps once a month and that's only because I take pity on the mail man so I throw out the absurd amount of flyers and offers the previous residents received. It must be annoying to have to jam more and more crap in a box without the courtesy of me making the effort to pick it up.

So it finally got to me and over the way it got molested my every pair of hands that touched it. It was scratched, dinged, filthy and generally distressed. The item was ok though, so the damage was more bizarre than anything else.

I'm just glad I managed to sneak out the box without anyone asking what I bought. The people I worked with were a curious lot and I regularly had to deal with the more unusual mail I got. Jesus, if I got an unmarked envelope, or worst, something obviously hand-written I would be hounded all day.

Seriously though, the fucked happened? I can't complain about Canada Post most of the time, but this was kind of like staring into Cthulhu's gaze.
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