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Waiting for updates on my parcel, nothing updated since being posted yesterday, I know its too soon, but my local postie is about as useless as tits on a bull, I track like a bastard and I'm a weary man who's been let down by their service one time too many. It still says item accepted at Post Office, its been 24 hrs are you shitting me postie?

Mail comes anytime from midday to 5, some days at 10 (I'm watching you postie, every day, I see you) and sometimes NOBODY gets mail in this bloody building. People have bitched and whined about this, Canada Post has said, they're doing all they can, no longer good enough for me. I've waited too long too many times and I'm going to heckle the living daylights out of the postie if I get anything that says "We missed you" since I'm home for the next week. He's going to feel my wrath if its so invoked.

Based on this outcome, this will probably be my last dealing with Canada post when it comes to parcels. Got my wife a Coach bag from Coach themselves in Jacksonville FLA, it took less than >>>>3<<<< days with DHL with no less than 2 updates per day AND the ability to ask for a re-attempt. They originally didn't have our number anywhere on the package, couldn't find the entry code, but they LOOKED for our number in the DIRECTORY based on last name and address and FOUND the number, called us and even set up a convenient time. AND THEY WERE POLITE! O-M-G-Z! The current package I'm expecting, HAS the entry code on it, will they call? I actually have better chances of winning the lottery.

Also, what is stated on the tracking page, that they have absolutely no different information when you call them, raise a stink and watch that story change. As much as I would love to go Elephant Butte on them with a toybox, I will simply revert to calling Canada Post pathetic, worthless nimrods who should wash DHL's feet and drink that water.

C'mon useless, prove me wrong... you got til Monday, its Xpresspost!
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