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Hello From Scotland (Recon-Rag)

Hi, I'm new to the Forums in Canada. I'm an airsofter from the other side of the Atlantic - Scotland. In Scotland we have an online free Airsoft magazine called "Recon-Rag", maybe some of you have stumbled across it before. At the moment it's pretty much all about the UK Airsoft scene, but we'd really love to have articles from all over the world. And I was wandering if any forum members would like to submit an article for publication? It would be really interesting to hear your points of view on Airsoft. Who know's you might just become a little bit famous at the same time! We don't pay our writer's as it's a free magazine, so you're not going to get rich quick! Why not have a look at the mag, and if you decide you'd like to contribute something please feel free to contact me. Cheers
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