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Originally Posted by Mr. G36! View Post
So we've all had Canada Post rape us to some degree, but here's a new one:

I'm waiting for a package, doesn't arrive. I check my tracking number, and apparently the package was "successfully delivered." Ha ha, yeah, about that...

I call everyone around me to see if a neighbor got it, which they didn't, and I verify that the sender had the correct address, which he did. So technically speaking, they never "lost" my package because it was delivered "successfully" as far as they're concerned, and there wasn't a simple mix-up because I never received someone else's package instead by mistake. My package was simply...just...handed out to some random guy on the street, apparently. Or the guy delivering it opened it up and decided to keep it,, I dunno. I know it arrived in my city when it was supposed to at the very least, and delivered to someone...just not me or any of my neighbors.

So now I get to wait for a week until some guy from head office or wherever calls me up and says "Yeah, sorry, there's nothing we can do." Awesome! It's one thing for them to have lost it, but this is something else entirely.
Going through the same thing right now myself.
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