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Just thought I would introduce myself

Hi there,

Just a newbie to airsoft and thought I would introduce myself. I am a big believer in forums as they help you learn quick, and are a great resource for information as well as goods etc.

I used to be a paintballer, but recently got out of the game as airsoft is more realistic (ie mags), ammo is cheaper, and you arent really a mess of oil after a day of it . I am a member of as I am an avid firearms enthusiast and hunter. I just purchased a king arms thompson m1a1 after a fair amount of research and am looking forward to getting out and using it! The thompson is a prohibited firearm so having even a close replica is hard to find, and now I can enjoy a nice replica, and use it in a tactical scenario environment, which makes me quite the happy camper.

Anyways, just thought I would introduce myself here as I plan to become a member of your community over time.


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