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Filipino Airsofters in winnipeg

Are you Looking for a Filipino airsoft group located in winnipeg? well we have good news for you!!

Calling out all pinoy airsofters or anybody in Winnipeg to come out and join our small group to play!

The main focus of the team is to bring awareness to our local "kabayan" that there are filipinos in the city that do enjoy the sport and encourage them to come out and play. but please don't get us wrong, we do not segregate ourselves away from other nationalities. again, this group is built to encourage filipinos to get into the sport.

Please if you know any filipino or anybody that might be interested in joining our small group, inbox me their details or just reply below the thread.


If you have any questions or information you want to know please and PLEASE feel free to ask. INBOX or just type it below.

Thank you all for reading.

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