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Started by going to crapsoft games with a friend who is also a youth counsellor for Youth For Christ. Somehow I really liked it. My friends eventually got themselves some crapsoft guns from walmart and crappy tire. (FYI we always went out to the hosts private land way out in the boonies for the day. The host being the YFC counsellor or one of my friends)
I felt left out and planned on getting some M4 when the YFC guy said he'd sell his barely used kraken to me for the same price. I said whatever and bought it.

I thought that because it looked pretty realistic, there would be some restrictions so I googled Airsoft Laws for Canada. It took me to ASC where I basically learned how to stay outta trouble from reading other peoples failures and from those laws.

DISCLAIMER: I know I'm not AV'd but don't start beaking on me. I was smart enough to educate myself on laws and whatnot.
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