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My next gun? GBBR = good idea?...

Hey there!

I'm thinking of getting new gun! This time, it's a GBBR.

I don't really know where to start! I've heard GBBR takes a lot of caring to keeping in good shape... So is it worth the blowback action to suffer the time it takes to take care of it? And the maintenance!!

Where do I begin to learn the way of GBBR?...

I did however come up with a list of question though... Some already mentioned, but I'll go over them again...

1: Price range?... I want at least to be able play a decently long game...
2: Co2? Or Green Gas? I hate the smell of green gas, but their cheap but how long/many shot would a single Co2 cartage last?
3: Maintenance the gun, and how often? Any idea where I could learn to take care of it?
4: Repair/replacement parts? Are different brand part fit one another? Or is it like ICS and TM?
5: How do accuracy/range come into play? AEG is all about air seals, is GBBR the same even though it spits out air instead of a piston pumping it?
6: What are the accuracy/range like for a GBBR on a decent day? I know a AEG is roughly 150 on a decent gun, but can a GBBR compete with a AEG?
7: WHICH BRAND?! I recall reading a post saying WE provide some of the best GBBR, or am I wrong?
8: Maintenance the mag = hell? I find it pretty easy to take apart and clean the only thing is, parts are expensive! One freaking filling valve cost $20-40 bucks! THAT'S LIKE A NEW MAG!!!
9: Any extra links with more info would be great!

Thanks for the help!
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