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Originally Posted by Conker View Post
This is an option for an M1:

Note that this is a modification kit for the KJW 10/22. You can buy the kit overseas, but you'll have to wait to be AV'ed to get the 10/22 itself.
That's the M1 Carbine stock kit not the M1 Garand. M1 carbine will be too short to drill with.

If you can find an airsoft gas Garand it's going to cost you about $900 to $1000. A clone M14 (with Plastic stock) will cost you about $400 or so. GBB M14 with wood stock will be around $700 (this will be about the weight of a real M14).

Your other option for a M1 Garand is to get a deactivated one. Which will run your about $800 to $1000 but it will be the real deal just won't be able to fire anything.
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