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Thumbs up My FIRST experience working on my NEW AEG today

I got a new VFC M4 today from a local retailer, and I just want to let everyone know I finally had the courage(and the time) to take my BRAND NEW AEG completely apart today...

I got to admit, few have the courage to strip their new gun apart. Especially for someone who has NEVER taken any AEG apart in their life. But I gathered all my technical experiences, and manage to come out alright. It was really draining mentally, learning and focusing for 5 hrs. But it was worth it!

Did TONS of research online this afternoon and I managed to change the spring on my AEG! I was manage to strip the entire rifle apart watching a video on Youtube.

Good news was, I opened the gearbox without it exploding. Its a V2 box. Only thing that came off was the trigger. But I manage to fit it back in and I didn't lose the little trigger spring.

I put everything back together without any issues. I plugged in new batteries I got today, and tested it. NOTHING! *GASP!* :O I panic. Hooked my batteries to the charger and crossed my fingers. I hope I didn't mess up putting anything back wrong!

Now the batteries are charged, I plugged it in... MAGIC! It's alive! :O *high fives everyone I meet* Now I have to test it more to make sure everything is working properly. I'm so glad I managed to do this, I thought I come on to share with you all lol...

SO - total damage to my rifle so far from my noobish upgrading trek :

- I punched a small hole in the receiver. I thought it was were the holding pin for the box was, but it wasn't. Turns out to be a fake pin... lol...

Not bad for a first timer... Won't you all agree? :P Now time to get some shut eye... Good night everyone!

Videos that helped me :

Rifle Stripping :
YouTube - [AIRSOFT] VFC/G&G/CA M4-series Disassembly (wired to the back)
(but this person took out the mechbox holding ping wrong... Almost cost me more damage but I managed to figure it out in the end)

Mechbox Stripping :
YouTube - Jag Precision Reviews - The VegaForceCompany M4 E-Series
(Great video showing details of the mechbox, this video saved me!)

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