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Old and married with kids. I'm a re-enactor so milsim all the way! I got into airsoft when I was looking for WWII weapons to go with my collection and came across airsoft guns. Wow... I can wear my stuff and shoot people... I'm in. When I told my wife what I was going to be doing she said, "You're going to do what?!" But over the years she has watched me build guns from scratch and be involved in films and Living History events that have gotten us in the news. So, she has grown into it and supports it... but I can't get here to come out. She was even okay when I started to bring in the real steal! What a gal!

I've said this before especially for re-enacting... the young guys look the part but most can't afford it... where the old guys well we may not look the part but we can afford to buy the toys. Which my wife keeps reminding me that we are running out of space!
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