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Originally Posted by Lord Jebus View Post
And How reliable are they?
From what I've heard you'd best keep an AEG as a backup just in case your rifle shoots hot. You also need to dump a significant amount of money into the GBBR ($800+ is what I remember being thrown around a few times) to make it reliable and gameable for entire days. It might last the whole day or it might just decide to stop working on you in the first 30 minutes. From what I hear the only GBBR that works decently OOTB is the KJW but the only problem is that the recoil isn't that great and AFAIK there's not really any upgrade parts for it but other than that it's the one you want if you want to just unbox it and play with one.

Also things have changed man..... The newbie tank is now a "no flaming zone" except in some circumstances.

PS: I'm not getting a GBBR just yet, I want them to become more reliable OOTB and get small revisions and more common before I dive into the GBBR world. Also I'm personally waiting for an AK GBBR (or.... you know the money to buy a daytonagun.... cause there's just something about Classic airsoft that draw me to them).
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