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Originally Posted by redneck12 View Post
Hello everyone
Todd here,
I am a dreaded milsim paintballer, but I am looking to branch out to milsim airsoft. I am 31 and hang my hat in Oshawa.

I have been searching around the world of Google and Youtube, saw alot of cool AEGs and gear, I already have all the gear but I am open to suggestions on a good reliable and upgradable AEG. I am looking at the ICS-47 R.I.S at Mach1. But I can't find any reviews regarding the Canadian legal tinted lowers, any info you experienced players could give is much appreciated.
Wait until you can get Age Verified and at least take a look at what's available to you in the Classifieds section. However the ICS is a pretty decent gun, only complaints are the (3? possibly more) proprietary parts (Anti Reversal Latch, Hop Up, and Gearbox shell being the ones I know about) but that's inherent due to the split mechbox design of the ICS.

Maybe you find something you like in the classifieds, maybe you don't and go through one of the many public retailers but at least by having access to the classifieds you can get a bigger picture of what's available to you and you can also maybe find accessories, a larger variety of guns in various conditions (from junker/parts gun to fixer to used to used/upgraded to BNIB) and maybe even package deals (ie. includes extra battery, extra mags, optics, half a bag of BB's etc.)

NB: "AV" does not have any legal bearing whatsoever rather it's an action implemented by this forum to limit minors (and unsavoury characters, ie. chavs, and wiggers) from procuring guns and getting on the news.
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