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I own Both

G39.. great gun , solid shooter, easy take down and maintenance , Mags are a big PITA.. you have to buy mag pouches that will fit them.. so you pretty much have to buy from Europe, but you can clip 2 together..
Mags are not easy to get , they are in short supply ( and a serious pain in the ass to load , you must use the provided loading tool )

M4 - I have the closed bolt, I own 10 of them, so I must like them
Open bolt M4 is not available in Canada yet. and may only be available via conversion.

commonly available gear fits the mags so this is a big plus, also mags can be loaded with a conventional loader.

keep in mind though all mags are realcap, so a reasonable mag loadout will cost you $400 + so by the time you have the gun landed and enough mags you will have $1000 into the gun
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