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Hey guys. I'm a frenchie from Montréal. I just started showing interest in Airsoft, coming back from my 1st paintball day. Gotta say it was awesome, but it lacked that little something I wish I'll be able to find around here. I gotta admit that just by shopping and
reading(lots of) guides/newb' hints all around this forum, I might already be hooked up :/ Good thing is I have a new job that should pay for all the gear I just bought heh... (damn... some of these guns aren't cheap). also it shouldn't be too hard to get age verified as there seems to be quite a few "verifiers" in my region.

From what I know about myself regarding to fps/paintball/larp, I'm more of a CQB type. Moving alot, capturing objectives, getting in the heat of the battle and a decent(I think) reaction time. I dont know how well this is gonna fit in the Airsoft game... (correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've heard/seen in youtube' vids, airsoft seems to be composed of a good bit of "waiting for the enemy team to make a stupid move" game. I've never been in it so I dont really know, it's just an outsider's obervation.

Anyway, call me Kefray or Jean-Francois (if you can pronounce that right) If you are from Montreal or the surroundings, and your team is looking for fresh recruits to fill your water tanks for a while, look me up. Oh I'm 24 by the way.

Pleasure meeting some of you guys in the near future. Springs' coming!
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