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Originally Posted by deltaop1 View Post
I'm mid-50's, happily married to my wife for 30 years now, and just retired after 33 years of work. In the five years that I have played airsoft my wife has been very supportive of my participation in the sport. She just doesn't want me to push myself to the extreme trying to keep up with players who are half my age.

I do play in skims, milsims, training sessions, whatever catches my fancy.
Yes!!!!! someone in my age bracket!!!...Am 52 married(30 years!) with 4 kids, helps that the two youngest (19 and 22) are into airsoft. This year is first year of serious milsim but been playing for a couple of years now.

My wife is also very supportive but like delta doesn't want me to blow up my knees or stroke out trying to keep up(but it's ok I'm insured!)

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