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Wife is bugging me to get back into it. Had a fit when I sold her MP5, and we are planning on making the big get back into Airsoft Shopping spree at some point in the near future, that is once the kids are little older and realize there are times that mum and dad need to shoot each other.

She would rather me be in airsoft because she enjoys it too than playing my geek games of Warmachine and WH 40k lol. Crap happens and just wasn't in the cards for a while, but things seem to be getting back to normal and hopefully this will mean more time to play again.

The only time she really complained was when I had more rifles than I need (which I feel is never) but at that point she wasn't into airsoft till I told her to come out for a game. After that she was hooked, and went to even milsims with me and got right into it, and I learned just don't show her the bill at the end of day. I'm lucky to have my wife.

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