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This is how it was broken down to me as I was re-integrating back into the Airsoft community after a long hiatus:
1. get av'd
2. get a gun
3. get gear
4. show up for a game (don't forget gun and gear)
5. Get your first kill at +50 ft
6. If you don't giggle and get shot while bragging about your kill while moving on to next target, you have graduated from newbie.

Things to not do:
1. Refer to sniper rifles as "snipers"
2. Think that you're the best
3. Shit in your pants when someone fires off a SAW in your direction.
4. Post multiple stupid questions on ASC asking the same thing, just in a different way.
5. Bitch about how hard those little pellets hit your ass

Contrary to what you think, ASC members are not sharks, wolves, vultures or velociraptors, they're wonderful, helpful people that love fellow airsoft fanatics. However, if you tick em off with stupidity, they can turn into hybrid creatures which are part sharks with lasers, part wolf with adamantium claws, part vulture and part velociraptor with the efficiency of a well oiled Stihl chainsaw and I ain't talkin' one handers.
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