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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Since you're local, here's some tips for our games:

1) get good eyewear. Don't cheap out on the eyewear. Not only for protection, but also to help prevent fogging.

2) the radio... don't waste your money on the half watt FRS stuff. If you're going to get one get a 4W UHF. There's plenty of threads covering radios already, just do a search and do your homework.

3) how you carry your water is a matter of preference. Most people do find it more convenient to use a hydration bladder; not only to carry the water, but to be drink regularly and stay hydrated.

4) you might want to consider waterproof boots, specially if you play outdoors a lot, moreso if you plan on playing in early spring and late into fall or even winter.

Likely, think about how you'll set up for rain (hint: Quebec has an association of organizers: being a no show due to bad weather is the fast track for getting blackballed from events).
Ya i saw that to on some events where they got black listed/ put on hold for being a no show at some events and where only to be let in if their was room in the event for them. makes sense to saw on another thread some guy had to pay 500$ out of his own pocket because of people not showing up.

But ya for the boots i will look for some all season/rain proof, got to be ready to play rain or shine.

and if people aren't using the radios much il hold off on getting it, until i get into games and see if its commonly used or not.

Thanks for the help.
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