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20, single still in school.....

Haven't played a milsim game yet but I have the gear and willingness to do it I just need to figure out logistics, prices, vacation, finance etc. I'd probably start off with a few smaller local "daysims" before taking on a real 24 hr+ milsim though.

Like mcguyver said, disposable income is a plus, I for one pretty much take to eating Ramen/KD to save up (and even then it's not Mr.Noodle or Kraft either..... it's the cheapo Presidents Choice, No Name, Kirkland, Safeway Select, and since the beginning of the school year "Asda Smart Price" brands...).

EDIT: Also I will have other hobbies when I'm older with more disposable income. I'm really interested in getting a bike (probably a 125 or 150cc to start off with then up to a 250 or 500cc when my premiums are sufficiently low/I have a good driving record.... god damn ICBC premiums on young male drivers in the city/urban areas...), also planning on getting a Chaser Tourer V, and not to mention other stuff like a house.
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