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Something-something years old (over 30), airsofting for over 10 years, single. No children, 1 dog.

edit: oops, one of the questions was milsim or skirms. Definitely milsim and hardcore milsim/realsim for me.

I've obviously been through a few "seriouser" relationships during that period, but it's never been an issue since airsoft was always such a large and integral part of my life: unlike some easily overlooked once-every-so-often hobby, anyone I meet that gets to know me must realize this is part of what I do and whom I am. 3/4 of my friends are airsofters, so airsoft remains a regular topic of conversation even outside of airsoft events.

It's not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Those who aren't down with it don't stick around very long.

It probably helps to not I'm not a typical 9-to-5er either, so anyone who got involved with me was in for something different right off the bat.

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