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Well when i was 12 ish i saw this micro uzi at walmart and i begged my dad to buy it for me. After 3 months of of PLEASE DADDY, we went together to pick it up. After that it went to a Spring pistol then a shotgun then the crappy AEG the A17 for $99. once i saw the AEG i found out about games being held at defcon paintball (before this 18+ rule had come into play) So i was 15 at the time and i decided to go play. once i got there i was so intimidated i wanted to cry in a corner, Everyone had Full metal/high powered MP5's, SMG's, and assualt rifles, one peron had even brought out their M240 machinegun which scared the shit outta me. once i started playing with dual spring pistols i got the hang of it and gained respect because i headshoted 2 people at point blank running like a chicken with his head cut off LMAO . so the people there were very nice and let me into their circle and this is what made me love airsoft. Not the the fact that you can shoot someone and not get imprisoned but the love, respect, and teamwork you share with people that you have never met before. This blind trust is what airsoft is all about you gotta give respect in order to get it. But after the 18+ rule was in play i got really pissed so i couldnt play for about 2 and a half years, so that gave me time to get my arsenal up to par. So now im ready to kick ass like a one man Army.
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