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Originally Posted by Ballcancer View Post
Girlfriend, likes that I have a hobby, doesn't really care what it is, she thinks the guns are cool, if I talk to her about it she listens but I get the blank wide eyed stare that basically says "I have no idea what the f**k you're talking about, but I love you just the same" Shes a great gal.

Oh and milsimer now, used to be skirmisher, but I got bored of that.
almost 24, almost married, 0 kids (for now) and ^this. I skirmish though, would LOVE milsim.

I talk about how I WILL, ONE DAY attend a Mason Relic game (I live in Montreal, which means a good trip for me) ans she's thinks that it would be awesome if I could go.
Originally Posted by Mitchell12 View Post
I don't need an excuse, I like doing it. Why do you like sex? Because it gives you babies? Doubtful.

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