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Question's on some gear.

So i'm looking to finish my main layout towards the German look.

so far i have
-flecktarn pants
-flecktarn shirt
-flecktarn vest
- MP5
- Goggles

I have a helmet but its all metal and kinda heavy, so i need a new lighter one with a flecktarn cover. I saw some but id like to get some advice on a good one.

Also, is getting a Hydration Reservoir Backpack suggested? or should i just stick to water bottles. (( this is the one i found, ))

Ive also been looking at requirements for games, the occasional one seems to be radio's. So i'm looking for advice on that.

And last but not least, a good pair of boots, i was thinking of just going down to an army surplus but if someone has a specific kind/brand that i should go for please do share.

Sorry if this was posted somewhere else i wasn't able to find other threads.

thanks for you time.
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