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Need help importing a spare.

Hello guys, I'm from the U.K, Wales to be precise. But i bought a l96 not so long ago, but the magazine catch/release snapped! I'm having trouble finding the spare part, posted on over 5 forums, 6 weeks later no response. The only place Ive found them were on a Canadian and a American website, and sadly the one site didn't post overseas, and i contacted them, they said no. And the Canadian site wanted $100 for shipping. PAH having a laugh.

Anyway back to the point. If i were to pay someone through pay pal, would it be possible for that person to purchase the part and have it sent to my address? The site stowed in my favorites offered free shipping to Canadian addresses, and i would pay the extra to have it sent overseas, But as im not familiar with your postal service could you quote me with the fastest option available as im urgent need by next week.

Im really in need missed out 6 games without my l96. A bit of a pain.

Thanks guys.

Pm me if needed + For a Link.
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